TRIVY was initiated in July 2019, to broaden the horizons for air travelers and since then we have been actively and positively working for the benefits of people who travel heavy. We have established a platform to bring people with excess luggage and people with extra luggage space left together, providing a safe space for luggage sharing and an easy way to earn a little extra. We put the extra space to use with benefit in monetary profit respectively.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deal with the high rates of extra passenger baggage and stress of traveling with too much luggage. Our platform provides a safe space for luggage sharing and an easy way to earn a little extra for our customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of the leading companies in the supply chain business, from luggage sharing to shipping. To be the most passionately referred agency in this supply chain industry.

Our Care

We care for you, and so we have an easy-to-access and free–to-use platform for clients to reduce the stress and cost of traveling with excess gear. We desire to make the travel of our customers hassle free.


Meet Vanani

Chief Operational Officer

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Shivansh Agarwal

Chief Executive Officer

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